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Learn to Paint Watercolor Portraits with Personality - Six Weeks of Fun

It's time to follow to your dream! This six week course is for you if you've ever wished to paint people, but in a fun and dynamic manner. We'll be brave and daring. We'll dance and sing. We'll also giggle along the way. Do you want to stop holding your breath while you paint? Join me!
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Learn to Paint Watercolor Portraits with Personality - Six Weeks of Fun

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Jun 22, 2020, 11:00 AM – Aug 01, 2020, 12:00 PM
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About the Event

Six Weeks of Fun with Watercolor Portraits

This course is taught in a private Facebook Group using live recordings where you may interact with me and watch while I paint. I will teach 3 one hour+ tutorials each week. If you are unable to attend the live feed, it will be available for you to watch and/or paint along with as often as you like.

  • Week 1 Eyes - both animal and human. If we can't get the eyes right, nothing else will matter. 
  • Week 2 Dog Portrait - to help us ease into people
  • Week 3 Monochromatic Portrait - human face to help us solidify the importance of value.
  • Week 4 Colorful Human Portrait - so fun
  • Week 5/6 Realistic Human Portrait(s)

As always, I will be teaching how to play with splash and color and movement to make our paintings more fun and interesting. 

Cost will be $400. Joining this course will also give you access to the current 8 week course I am teaching. So you will get 14 weeks of watercolor. 

And, you’ll be learning new, terribly sung songs. 

And, you'll maybe dance with me - much beter than I do. Ha ha

But, we have lots of fun! 

Supplies List:

Professional Watercolor Paper

Arches Cold Pressed 140 lb is recommended

I also use Fabriano Hot Pressed Paper 140 lb

Professional Grade Watercolor Paint

M Graham, Sennelier, Holbein, Schminke, Winsor and Newton, Daniel Smith. ALL are great. I use the following frequently. Plus, I love to add fun, bright colors. 



Opera Pink

Alizarin Crimson 

Cadmium Red

Crimson Red

Quinacridone RoseYellows & Orange


Hansa Yellow 


Indian Yellow Quinacridone Gold


Cobalt Blue Phthalo Blue

Ultramarine Blue Manganese Blue Hue 

Cobalt Teal Blue

Indanthrone Blue

More Colors

Burnt Sienna

Transparent Orange

Phthalo Green

Sap Green

Imperial Purple


Dioxazine Violet

Shadow Violet


Any brush that will hold a point, some paint and some water. Inexpensive will work. I use Winsor and Newton Series 7. You don’t need these! Check out Royal, Silver Black Velvet, and Cheap Joes Golden Fleece. Also, Chinese calligraphy brushes are great.


Round Sizes - I use these the most. It's nice to have 3 sizes



10 or 12

DaVinci Nova Series 122 - Any small stiff, flat synthetic brush for lifting out paint (synthetic)







Good for washes. Don’t buy them if you don’t already have them.

Spray Bottles

Any spray bottle. It's more fun if the spray pattern is irregular

I use a small finer mist spray bottle for wetting the paints on my palette


Your choice. I’ve used all kinds. I prefer white porcelain because it doesn't stain. I currently use small bread dipping saucers - with a variet of primary colors on each one.

Pencil 2b or mechanical

Masking Tape

Paper towels or facial tissue

Small towel or rag

Water containers – 2

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Masking Fluid – Your choice. Winsor and Newton, Pebeo, Incredible White Mask

Drinking straw (or the plastic tube that protects the end of the paintbrush) 

  • Watercolor Portraits
    +$10 Service fee
    +$10 Service fee

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